All the cool kids are doing it, so I figured it was my turn.

This is essentially a “review blog”. Except that I’m not doing it to earn money, get things, or become popular. (However, if you do want to pay me money, give me things, or consider me popular – feel free. I would welcome any of the aforementioned with open arms.) But apparently, some people get pretty touchy if you feel that you are trying to sell them things on your personal blog.

I’m not selling anything. I just like to talk about toys. I have, it seems, never gotten over my fascination with toys. I like going to the toy store with the boys just to have a look around. I could spend hours looking at toy catalogues. I love trawling the internet trying to find the ‘best present ever’ for kids for Christmas and birthdays. I think my dream job (other than being a world famous actress, of course) would be to a be toy buyer – either for a store, or for parents who don’t have the time to shop.

I need a place to keep track of my finds. My aging brain is not what it used to be. And hey – if you need to find the perfect present: I’m on the case! Read on.

ps. WordPress thought that my first post should be titled “Hello world!”, and I figure it’s just as good as any.